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Halal Chicken Roaming


At TheMeatMenu we are proud to also offer our fresh halal produce. We use a very select list of high quality suppliers, and the animals come from the farms that we hold to the highest standards through Farm Assurance schemes. We hold a certificate of halal compliance which guarantees the process in which we work on a daily basis. We renew this every year and undertake thorough testing and scrutiny so you can be sure your halal meat ticks all the necessary standards. 

  • Fully halal complaint / certified 
  • Same standards of high quality, fresh cut meat
  • Thoroughly vetted and checked each year to for compliance

In order to give you reassurance around our standards, we have setup a completely separate facility for processing our fresh cut halal meat. All entrances to our halal site are clearly marked, stating rules and regulations that must be met prior to entry. This separate facility has entirely different colour coded equipment meaning that everything is marked and labelled, dedicated to its own job. If you have specific questions or would like to understand some information in further detail please feel free to give us a call or contact us via email at contact@themeatmenu.com. One of our team will be more than happy to assist you. 


Our halal meat is trusted across industry, not just by consumers! We supply many restaurants, businesses and household name companies with the exact same meat we make available to you as a customer. 


Our halal beef is aged for a minimum of 21 days prior to receiving your produce. Our expert butchers hang the meat to allow it to develop the deep and rich flavour we have come to love. Our cattle are sourced from the UK and Ireland exclusively and come from farms which we know and trust. 


Our halal lamb is sourced from both the UK and Ireland as well as New Zealand depending on the seasonality and quality of produce we deem acceptable. We are always looking to improve and source our produce from the farms that provide great animal welfare as well as great tasting meat. We continually review and test our product to make sure you've receive the best cuts on the market. 


Our poultry is always from barn-raised chickens, so you can shop confidently that the quality of life for the chickens we source was of good standard and their environment meets the requirements of multiple Farm Assurance schemes. The proof is in the pudding as each chicken breast we offer averages from 170-200g in size! 

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