Cooking & Nutritions


Our nutritional information is printed directly on each of our product labels along with the expiry date and other key info. We derive our nutritional values from trusted and regulated sources in which thorough testing is taken place to ensure you can be confident in the information you receive. Each and every cut of meat is different, so regardless of how stringent the testing, there will always be a minor variation between cuts so these must be taken as a guide. Every animal varies, each cut of meat varies, so please use some caution and make sure to factor this in to any calculations you may undertake. 

  • Regulated nutritional information from trusted sources
  • Nutritional information should be used as a sensible guide
  • Each label provided will have the specific cut type information 


When cooking minces and sausages we would highly advise these are cooked through until piping hot with no pinkness or raw meat left. Thoroughly cooking minces and sausages is always best practice which differs against other cuts such as steaks or roasting joints which can be enjoyed medium rare or to your personal preference. 


Meat thermometers are an excellent way of ensuring your meat is cooked through, or even better for things like steaks because they allow you to accurately match the internal temperature of the meat to your desired doneness temperature range. Instant read meat thermometers are available for a small cost and become an invaluable tool in the kitchen. 


Our product shelf life is printed on each label once our meat is dispatched to you for easy of managing your fridge or freezer. We use a very conservative gauge of 4 days for the majority of our produce. For things like minces this is reduced to 3 days. Once you freeze a cut of meat it will last for many months in the freezer with peace of mind the freshness is locked in. 


Please see our minimum recommended temperatures when cooking fresh produce. A great way to check the internal temperature is to insert an instant read meat thermometer into the thickest part of the meat.  


Beef Temperature


  • Rare: 125° Fahrenheit / 52° Celsius
  • Medium Rare: 135° Fahrenheit / 57° Celsius
  • Medium: 140° Fahrenheit / 60° Celsius
  • Medium Well: 155° Fahrenheit / 68° Celsius
  • Well Done: 160° Fahrenheit / 71° Celsius
  • Ground Beef: 160° Fahrenheit / 71.1° Celsius


Lamb Temperature


  • Medium Rare: 131° Fahrenheit / 55° Celsius
  • Medium: 140° Fahrenheit / 60° Celsius
  • Well Done: 159° Fahrenheit / 71° Celsius
  • Ground Lamb: 160° Fahrenheit / 71° Celsius


Poultry Temperature


  • Whole Cuts: 165° Fahrenheit / 74° Celsius
  • Ground Turkey: 160° Fahrenheit / 71° Celsius


Pork Temperature


  • 160° Fahrenheit / 71° Celsius
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